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This page lists the Ancestral Lines of everyone currently researching their Farrell / Ferrell ancestry. It is intended for use by absolutely anyone including those who have taken a Y-DNA test, a mitochondrial DNA test, an autosomal DNA test (i.e. Family Finder), or no DNA test. If you later take a DNA test, you can add this as a "Reply" to your original "Comment".

Each pedigree goes back to the earliest known Farrell ancestor in the researcher's family tree. This may either be a Farrell Patriarch or a Farrell Matriarch. This information will help collaboration between the different Farrell researchers. If you wish to contact any of the researchers below, simply post a "Reply" to their original "Comment".

If you wish to include your own Farrell / Ferrell pedigree, simply leave the details as a Comment below. Alternatively, email it to me at mauricegleeson AT Please use the following format:

1) James FARRELL b c1835 Ardagh, Co.Longford, d 12 Nov 1879 Keenagh, Co. Longford, m 13 Apr 1860 Maria COYLE, Keenagh, Co. Longford
2) Mortimer FARRELL b 1861 etc ... (birth, death, marriage details)
3) Abigail FARRELL b 1890 ... (as above)
4) Francis KENNEDY b 1914 … as above, but not including dates for a) births <100 years ago, b) marriages <75 years ago, or c) deaths <50 years ago
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  1. 1) Catherine FARRELL b 4 Jun 1810 Knockbounce, Kilcullen, Co.Kildare, d 24 Feb 1881 Kilcullen, Co.Kildare, m James Boylan (6 Oct 1831, Kilcullen)
    2) Roseanna BOYLAN b 22 Sep 1839 Kilcullen, d 24 Dec 1917 Leixlip, Co.Kildare, m Abraham UNION (26 Nov 1867, Kilcullen)
    3) Rose Anne UNION b 25 Oct 1883 Moore St, Dublin, m Patrick HART (2 oct 1905, ProCathedral, Marlborough St, Dublin)
    Researcher: MJG
    mauricegleeson AT
    DNA kits: 211103, 174037

    1. This is an example of how to correctly enter the data.

  2. 1) John FARLEY b ? d 1827 ? m 14 Mar 1817 Delaney DURHAM b 1786 d 1885 Jones Co, Georgia, USA
    2) Thomas Jefferson FARLEY b 1826 d 1870 Meriwether Co, Georgia, USA m 1848 Nancy C BRILEY b 1834 d 1903 Meriwether Co, Georgia, USA
    3) John Malcolm FARLEY b 12 Jun 1849 d 16 Aug 1905 Meriwether Co, Georgia, USA m 1868 Mary Elizabeth GILL b 4 Aug 1851 d 18 Nov 1922 Meriwether Co, Georgia USA
    4) William Boyd FARLEY b 22 Apr 1885 d Meriwether Co, Georgia USA m 20 Oct 1922 Lillie Lorraine HUTSON b 1892 Texas USA
    5) William Hutson FARLEY b d Fort Worth Texas USA m Janice Virginia Reynolds b d
    6 ) JLF m RAS
    tropex AT
    DNA Kit 184463

  3. 1) John Farrow b abt 1812 Prince Edward Island, Canada, d 1872 - 1880 Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada m Catherine b 1813 Prince Edward Island, Canada d Nov 14, 1901 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

    2) Alexander Farrow b 1842-1843 Prince Edward Island, Canada d March 27, 1901 ?Prince Edward Island. m Martha Matilda Gould b Mar 28 1849 Summerside PEI d May 10, 1884 Summerside PEI Canada marriage 2 Emily Farrow b May 30, 1855 Summerside PEI Canada d Massachusets USA

    3) William G (?Green) Farrar b April 13 1885 Summerside PEI Canada d January 8, 1941 Toronto, Ontario Canada m Lillian Warltire Jan 21, 1910, Port Arthur Ontario b June 1891 Leicester England d Toronto, Ontario Canada. Lillian Warltire immigrated 1909.

    4) xxxx xxxxx Farrar b1912 Port Arthur, Ontario d Welland, Ontario m xxxxx xxxxxx Miller July 31 1937 Toronto, Ontario b June 3, 1918 Toronto, Ontario d Welland, Ontario Canada

    5) WHF b Timiskiming, Ontario m LF Toronto, Ontario b Toronto Ontario
    shirley.farrar AT
    Kit no 433459

    1. Mathew Farrell, born in Ireland (don’t know where) in 1825. He married an unknown woman and had two children, Thomas 1845 and Bridget 1846. The mom died at some point. Mathew immigrated to New York in 1847-48, possibly with brothers (John and James?). A caretaker named Mary Doyle 1830 brought the children to New York in 1850-51. Mathew and Mary were married shortly after and had 5 more children, three who lived to have large families. He died in 1870 in Buffalo, NY.

      Captain John P. Farrell (Jackie) was born in Buffalo in 1864. He married Anna O’Connor in 1888. They had 6 children that lived to adulthood. John J 1891, Edna, 1893, Thomas 1895, Wilbert, 1897, Mary 1903 and Berchman 1906. Jackie Farrell died in 1940. He had 4 paternal heirs that lived to adulthood, all of whom had sons.

      Captain Berchman Farrell was born in Buffalo in 1906. He married Veronica Fitzgerald in 1939 in Fulton, NY, but they quickly moved back to Buffalo. They had 4 children, Sheila 1940, Michael, 1941, Kathleen, 1943, and Sharon 1951. Berchie Farrell died in 1977. Berchman had only 1 paternal heir.

      Captain Michael D. Farrell was born in 1941. He married Janice Schulz in 1962 and had 4 children, Nancy (me), Lisa, Michael Jr. and Carrie. He is still living and has 1 son who is a paternal heir. That son has 3 more sons.

      I have recently sent in an DNA test for myself and have talked my brother into doing the same. I have heard that a different test might be better for a paternal heir and I am looking into this.

      I would love to learn the origins of Mathew and Mary. They had to come from the same place!

      Sincerely...Nancy Farrell Wellenzohn

  4. Maurice, The direct line is as follows:
    1. Francis Farrell - b.1753 Philadelphia PA, d.1825 Chatham Co. NC, m.Edith Fields, Chatham Co. North Carolina, US
    2. John Wesley Ferrel - b.1798 Chatham Co. NC, d.1870 m. Mary Polly Neal, Chatham Co., North Carolina US
    3. George W. Ferrel - b.1845 Chatham Co. NC, d.1899 Chatham Co. NC, m. Martha G. Thomas, Chatham Co., North Carolina
    4. George Monroe Farrell, Sr. - b.1883 Chatham Co. NC, d. Orange Co. NC, m. Vennie Elizabeth Honeycutt
    5. George Monroe Farrell, Jr. - b.1917 Halifax Co. NC, d. Roanoke Rapids NC, m.Ruth Lee Haley
    6. George Monroe Farrell, III - b., d. still living, m. PKK
    Researcher: Deniese M. Chaney
    DNA Kits: GMFIII-FTDNA YDNA 449577; MTDNA (Honeycutt line) FTDNA 457196 and 408019

    1. Correction: the Y-DNA kit number is 449744

  5. 1. Thomas Farrell born in Ireland (about 1815?)
    2. Thomas Farrell born 1 September 1844 at 7 Gasenby Street, Liverpool, England
    3. Francis Farrell born July 15 1877 6, Derby St., Birkenhead, Cheshire; died Sep 27 1940 Abbatoir House, Roushill, Shrewsbury, England
    4. Farrell
    5. IF 331160 iainfarrell2 AT

  6. 1) unknown grandad Farrell
    2) Daniel Joseph Farrell
    bd. 15 Aug 1825, Longford, County Leinster, Ireland (or Cork)
    dd. 7 Jul 1901, Dunlap, Iowa
    3) Daniel Joseph Farrell
    bd. 29 Jan 1860, Illinois
    dd. 31 Oct 1934, Omaha, NE
    4) Andrew Harry Farrell*
    bd. 18 Mar 1910, Omaha, NE
    dd. 15 Jan 1993, Fairfax, VA, USA
    5) Patrick Dennis Farrell (Living)
    Researcher: PDF
    pfarrell at pfarrell dot com
    DNA Kits: 464174

  7. 1) Robert FARRELLY b.c.1795 ?Co Cavan, Ireland, d. bet 1822 & 1840, m. Mary TAYLOR
    2) James FARRELLY b. 1822 Co Cavan, Ireland, d. 1890 Canterbury, New Zealand, m. MaryJane GOODFELLOW 1855 Templeport, Co Cavan. They then lived in Kildallan, Co Cavan till 1874.
    3) Francis James FARRELLY b. 1875 Canterbury, New Zealand, d. 1967 Christchurch, New Zealand, m. Ellen Patrick TAYLOR 1906 Canterbury New Zealand
    4) Robert Oliver Rupert FARRELLY b. Canterbury, New Zealand, d. Christchurch, New Zealand, m. Eileen Patricia MCDONNELL 1948 Christchurch, New Zealand
    Researcher: Mary E Farrelly
    Maryelizaf AT
    DNA Kits 297075 & 464068

  8. 1) Michael FARRELL b 1805 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland, m 19 Feb 1833 Catherine AHERN, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    2) Richard Moore FARRELL b 1834 Sydney, NSW, Australia, d 13 Nov 1890 Parramatta, NSW, Australia, m 11 Jul 1857 Catherine Dunne, Albury, NSW, Australia
    3) James Alfred FARRELL b c1859 Jerilderie, NSW, Australia, d 6 Aug 1899 Walgett, NSW, Australia, m 20 Jun 1881 Elizabeth PARSONS, Corowa, NSW, Australia
    4) Charles Edward FARRELL b 4 Mar 1892 Corowa, NSW, Australia, d Feb 1962 Sydney, NSW, Australia, m 30 Nov 1914 Martha Calderwood ANDERSON, Stanmore, NSW, Australia
    5) Edward James Anderson FARRELL b 20 Sep 1915 Coburg, Vic, Australia, d Seven Hills, NSW, Australia, m 8 Jun 1937 Violet Evelyn HUNTER Katoomba, NSW, Australia, m Muriel Frances GLEESON Sydney, NSW, Australia
    6) Richard Alan FARRELL b Paddington, NSW, Australia, d Camden, NSW, Australia, m Campsie, NSW, Australia
    Researcher: SJF
    Your email address: stevennicole AT
    DNA Kits: 318541

    1. Hi Steven,

      I am descended through Richard Moore Farrell's daughter Emma who married George Keys and their daughter Beatrice who married my grandfather Alexander Poe.

      Do you happen to have details of Richard's gravesite (I assume it's in Paramatta but can't find it) or his father's ancestry?

      Many thanks,

      Leon Lyell

  9. Mike Carroll Kit #31491

    1. Henry Carroll b ~1822 Ireland (wife Mary)
    2. Francis "Frank" Carroll b. Dec 1851 Liverpool England
    3. Henry Carroll b 1882 Gloucester England
    4. Francis "Frank" Carroll b Dec 1922 Dorchester Massachusetts
    5. Michael "Mike" Carroll b Jul 1962 Chicago Illinois

  10. Cornelius Joseph Farrell b 1861 Ireland
    Margaret Prendergast b Ireland

  11. 1. Thomas FARRELL b 1777 Thomastown, 5319, Ireland, d 25 Oct 1852 Iberville, Quebec, Canada, m Honora Lyons
    2. Joseph Thimothy Farrell b 1818 Co Tiipperary, d 29 Feb 1889 Shefford, Quebec, Canada, m Marie Antoinette LaDuc 27 Oct 1835 Marieville, Quebec, Canada
    3. Thomas FARRELL b 11 08 1836 Saint Marie De Monnoir Parish Marieville Rouville, , Quebec, Canada, d 2 JUL 1895 Louisville, Jefferson co. KY, USA
    4. Benjamin Avery FARRELL 29 04 1873 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA, d 27 12 1935 • Washington D.C, m Mary Lottie Smith 6 Sep 1894 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
    5. Thomas Smith FARRELL b 9 Nov 1915 District of Columbia, d Fairfax, Virginia
    6. mother
    7. Kit Number ending -6057

  12. 1) Patrick FARRELL d 7/31/1779, m 10/1/1750 Alice BURK

    2) Francis FARRELL b c 1753, Phil. PA USA, d c1825, m Edith FIELDS

    3) John Wesley FARRELL b 1798 Chatham NC USA, d 1870 Chatham NC USA

    4) William Younger FARRELL m 7/13/1856 Rebecca BLAND Chatham, NC USA

    5) Andrew Jackson FARRELL b 6/24/1860, d 10/24/1924, m 6/30/1889 Lucy Belle CHARLES

    6) Charles Anderson FARRELL b 7/9/1893, d <50, m 2/25/1921 Anne Particia MCKAUGHAN

    7) PF b NC (Kit ends -1784)

    8) JF (kit ends -6156)

    See entry for 23 Jan 2016 above - shares 3 (JWF) in common.

  13. Todd Farrell
    Born 10 April 1969, Chelsea, MA USA
    Son of:
    William Farrell
    Born 31 March 1938, Sydney, NS Canada
    Son of:
    Howard Farrell
    Born 12 October 1908, Bay du Nord, NL Canada
    Son of:
    William Joseph Farrell
    Born 19 January 1882, Channel-Port aux Basques, NL Canada
    Mary Ann Farrell
    Born 1881, Channel-Port aux Basques, NL Canada
    Daughter of:
    Philip Joseph Farrell
    Born 1845

  14. 1. Patrick Farrell b. abt 1800 in Down, Ireland d. before 1851 in Glasgow, Scotland md. Anne Devlin in Annaghlone, Down. had issue -

    1a. Mary Ann Farrell bpt.3 Feb 1835 in Annaghlone, Down

    1b. Peter Farrell b. abt 1836 in Annaghlone, Down d. 1886 in Glasgow

    1c. Patrick Farrell bpt. 28 Oct 1838 in Annaghlone, Down

    1d. Terence Farrell bpt. 28 Aug 1842 in Annaghlone, Down d. 29 May 1886 in Glasgow

    1e. Sarah Farrell bpt. 17 Sep 1844 in Glasgow d. 3 Mar 1888 in Glasgow.

    My FTDNA kit # B113163
    Gedmatch kit # A438576

    email - meganftownsend gmail com

  15. 1. Ephraim FARRELL b c1811, d 1838 Naas, Co. Kildare, m Eliza Dickman (26 Jan 1833, Booterstown COI, Dublin). He was a pawnbroker and a churchwarden in Naas.

    2a. John Farrell born abt 1833 in Naas, Kildare(?). Married in 1855 in Melbourne, Australia and died 1903 in Melbourne, Australia {{my direct ancestor}}
    2b. Elizabeth Farrell born abt 1835 in Naas, Kildare(?). Died on 19th April 1840 in Naas, Kildare.
    2c. Thomas Thompson Farrell born 28th May 1837 in Naas, Kildare. Married in 1870 in Rochester, Kent, England and died 27th Feb 1870 in Monasterevan, Kildare
    2d. Ephraim Farrell born 14th Oct 1838 in Naas, Kildare and died on 26th March 1840 in Naas, Kildare

    FTDNA Kit # 454038
    Gedmatch kit # T585114
    suegg AT

  16. 1) John FARRELL b. c1830 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland d. unk. m. unk. ? McKnight or McNeight
    2) Thomas FARRELL b. c1851 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland d. 2 Aug 1932 New Farm, Queensland, Australia m. Dorothea (Dorothy) Irvine 26 Nov 1877, Fermanagh, Ireland
    3) William Robert FARRELL b. 8 Jan 1879 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland d. 16 May 1913 Queensland, Australia m. Rebecca McKay Stevenson 17 Jan 1903 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    4) Leslie William Thomas FARRELL b. 19 Jul 1906 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia d. Deceased m. Isabelle Marie Thomsett 30 Aug 1941 Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
    Researcher: C.F.
    Email: chadfarrell76 at gmail dot com
    DNA Kits: FTDNA: Nil GEDmatch: A589909
    Online Tree: or GED file on GEDmatch

    Chad Farrell

  17. 1) Daniel FARRELL b c 1824 Ireland, d Sep 1902 Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, Ireland, m 01 Jun 1857 Catherine FINN Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, Ireland
    2) Thomas J. FARRELL b Jun 1858 Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, Ireland, d 14 Dec 1932 Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, m 25 Jul 1889 Catherine HARTNETT Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
    3) Daniel Francis FARRELL b 14 Nov 1889 Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, d 25 Apr 1952 Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, m 26 Nov 1913 Emily KOPPITZ Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA
    4) Bernard Quentin FARRELL b Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, d Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, m Catherine GALASSO Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
    Optional info ...
    Researcher: CLF
    Your email address: beanieged AT
    DNA Kits: 4067
    Link to your online tree:

  18. 1. Hugh Farrell b c1810? Ballybeg, Carrickedmond, Longford
    2. Thomas Farrell b 1836, m 1862 Anne McKeon
    3. James Farrell b April 1869 Legan Co Longford, d November 1965, m Catherine Norris, 1905 Legan
    4. grandfather
    5. father
    6. HF-0359

  19. 1. James Farrell b 1767 Dublin, d 1851
    2. James Farrell b 1797 Dublin d 1883 Kildare, m 1819 Dublin
    3. James Farrell b c1821 Dublin d 1889 Lancashire, m 1843 Lancashire
    4. Samuel Farrell b 1844 Lancashire d 1921 England
    5. Ruth Farrell b 1867 Lancashire d 1942 Lancashire, m 1895 England
    6. Evelyn Campbell b 1906 Isle of Man
    7. PJF father
    8. MET-5898 (FF)
    Tree available on FTDNA and at

  20. 1) possibly Robert FERRELL, b. bef. 1787; d. 1815 Fairfield Co., SC; m.Elizabeth HATCHER C. 1800
    2) Thomas FERRELL born c 1803 Fairfield Co., SC, d. 1873 Elmore Co., AL, m. Mary HARRISON c. 1820 ... 2nd wife Martha Waldrup c.1870
    3) James Monroe FERRELL born 1843, Henry Co., GA, d. 1931, Longview, TX, m. Mary Jane BAKER 1865, 2nd Gussie Lou WILLIAMS c.1896 Bienville, LA
    4) William Robert FARRELL born 1871 Elmore Co., AL; d. 1953 Brownfield, Terry Co., TX: m. Pallie C. CRAWLEY, 1876
    5) BF born Spur, Dickens, TX
    6) LGF-9639 ... Y-37, cousin of CTJ-7470

  21. 1) John FARRELL b date unknown, Ireland, d unknown, m Katherine O'Connor (this info is what is on my great-grandmother's death certificate, however, she was an orphan, so we're not sure how accurate it is)
    2) Katherine FARRELL b June 23 1872, possibly in Massachusetts, though since she was an orphan it's truly unknown; d July 18 1939 Bronx, New York, USA; m Martin O'Connor 1895 in New York City.
    3) Francis O'Connor b Dec 30 1905, Bronx, New York, USA; d Feb 2 1964, Gary, Lake, Indiana, USA; m Helen Beckwith April 21 1934 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
    4) LOC-1147
    5) EOC-3556
    Researcher: ekwoodside AT

  22. 1) James Farrell b date unknown, Ireland, m. Honor Hughes, d after 1841, Galway, Ireland
    2) Mary Farrell b. 1811, Galway, Ireland (possibly near Clonberne) m Cornelius Sullivan 1842 Bathurst NSW Australia, d.1885 Dubbo NSW Australia. (earliest known female ancestor)
    3. Hanora Theresa Sullivan b 1844 Bathurst, NSW, Australia, m. John Rowland Harpur 1865, Orange, NSW, Australia, d. 1922, Cobar, NSW, Australia.
    4. Mary Harpur b.1865, Orange, NSW, Australia, m. Isaac Frazer 1885, Nyngan, NSW, Australia, d.1944, Marrickville, NSW, Australia.
    5. Laura Frazer b.1896, Whitwell, NSW, Australia, m. Albert Cyril Pratt 1916, Wrightville,NSW, Australia, d. 1987, Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia.
    6. Hilda Elaine Pratt b.1919, Wrightville, NSW, Australia m Charles John Herbert Wallace 1942 Parramatta, NSW Australia d. 1974 Strathfield, NSW, Australia.
    7. GJW
    enufclap AT
    Kit: 525739

  23. ?1. Charles FERRELL b c 1710-1730, possibly Maryland.
    ?2. Peter FERRELL b c 1746 Maryland, d July 1851 Cadiz, Ohio, m. Nancy.
    3. Charles FERRELL b 1779 Westmoreland, PA. d 1851 Harrison Co., Ohio. m. 1807 Mary Nancy HITCHCOCK Jefferson Co., Ohio
    4. Thomas FERRELL b 1814 Harrison Co., Ohio. d 1862 St. Louis, Missouri. m. 1836 Margaret MAHON (his cousin; daughter of Amelia HITCHCOCK), Richland Co., Ohio
    5. James M FERRELL b 1848 Harrison Co., Ohio d 1928 Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio m. 1874 Sarah Adaline MINOR (MINER), Ohio
    6. Thomas Wilson FERRELL b 1881 Tuscarawas Co., Ohio m 1909 Viola May FISHER Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio
    7. Arthur Eugene FERRELL b 1912 Uhrichsville, Ohio. m 1938 Kathryn Viola SLUSSER
    8. GF, still living
    9. Researcher: MS
    dna kit: 1049, GEDMatch A726753

    1. Excellent, Melanie - thanks for posting. :-)

  24. 1. Frank Farrell b. c. 1880, Outgamie, WI USA. Was orphaned, parents from Ireland.
    m.Gertrude McNamara, date unknown.
    2. Grover Farrell b. 1910 d. 1988
    3. Francis Robert Farrell m Susan Boyle in 1961 d 2010
    4. Researcher Thomas Farrell
    FTDNA Kit 702430

  25. 1) Patt FRAWLEY b c1810 Clonina?, Cooraclare, Co Clare
    2) Michael FRAWLEY b c1838 Clonina?, Cooraclare, Co Clare, d 12 Jun 1911 Lislanahan, Co Clare, m 1 Apr 1863 Catherine KILLEEN, Cooraclare, Co Clare, m 7 Feb 1869 Ellen CROTTY, Clonwhite, Co Clare
    3) James FRAWLEY b 1882 Clonina, Cooraclare, Co Clare, d 9 Jul 1953 Kilrush, Co Clare, m 18 Feb 1908 Catherine REID Lismuse, Co Clare, m 9 May 1916 Bridget FITZGERALD, Reha, Co Clare
    4) Michael FRAWLEY b 18 Oct 1913 Lislanahan, Co Clare
    5) BF-4651

  26. Good Day All,

    My name is Andre and I bear the surname "Ferrell". I state bear as I do not know how I received this surname. I am an black man whose family hails from Loudoun County, Virginia. My earliest known ancestor, Joseph Ferrill, was recorded in the 1820 US Census and was noted in records as a free person of color. I joined this group to see if I am related to European Ferrills of Ireland. DNA does show relationship to the British Isles so I am curious. I do not know if Joseph Ferrill was born Ferrill or if he was at some point enslaved and earned his freedom and assumed the surname. Here is my pedigree starting from Joseph to my grandfather, Kenneth. If any of this information is familiar, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

    No / Ancestor / Relationship / Birth and Location / Death and Location / Spouse Name / Important Notes
    1. Joseph Ferrill / 4th Great-Grandfather / b. Birth Year and Location Unknown / d. Death Year and Location Unknown (assumes Loudoun County, Virginia) / wife, Dorcas ?? / Interracial relationship. Dorcas is noted to be a white woman in the marriage record of her daughter, Amanda.
    2. Nelson Ferrell / 3rd Great-Grandfather / b. abt 1814, Loudoun County, VA / d. abt May 1875, Loudoun County, VA / wife, Sarah Ann ??
    3. Draco Ferrell / 2nd Great-Grandfather / b. Mar 12, 1854, Hillsboro, Loudoun, VA / d. Oct 22, 1918, Leesburg, Loudoun, VA / wife, Octavia Smith
    4. Towney Ferrell / Great-Grandfather / b. Aug 21, 1895, Hillsboro, Loudoun, VA / d. Jun 20, 1982, Leesburg, Loudoun, VA / wife, Annabelle Jones
    5. Kenneth Ferrell / Grandfather / b. Apr 23, 1934, Loudoun County, VA / d. Mar 30, 1987, Silver Spring, MD / wife, Barbara Shepard

    Researcher: AAF
    Email: family"at"
    DNA Kit: 2826

    1. Many thanks Andre - hopefully you will get some clues as to Joseph Ferrill's origins in due course. Also, there may be more descendants of Joseph who will test and join the project, so hopefully a new genetic family will be created for you and your close matches in the not too distant future.

    2. Maurice, just so you're aware in case it helps - some of my kits are autosomal matches to Andre. My earliest branches of Ferrell's that I can trace were born in VA though I don't know where. I suspect that my Ferrells might be linked to Andre's though. Unfortunately my Ferrell line was a maternal one so I don't have any relatives with Ferrell YDNA though.

    3. Thanks for that information, Adam. I see from Tommie's results that there is a nice 24cM chunk of DNA shared on Christmas 7, with a total DNA shared of 29cM ... making you probably 4th cousins or thereabouts. To help confirm it is on your Ferrel line, it would be useful to test other descendants of ?Roger Ferrel (as distantly related as possible). Andre could do the same. I used this technique to break through a Brick Wall on my Morgan line and discovered I was related to Princess Diana! ...

  27. 1) Bernard Farrell b. c 1782 Co. Monaghan, Donagh Parish, The Crossroads d. 20 Apr 1867 Kings Co. Nova Scotia Canada
    m bef 1816 Anna O'Brien of Co. Armagh
    2) Henry Daniel Farrell b. 1831 Nova Scotia Canada d. 1 Mar 1890 Wolfville, Kings Co. Nova Scotia
    m 27 Oct 1860 Elizabeth E. Ryan at Cornwallis, Kings Co. Nova Scotia
    3) William Henry Farrell b. Apr 1873 Halifax, Nova Scotia d. 2 Feb 1934 New York, NY
    m 20 Jun 1906 Grace Estelle Brower at New York, NY
    4) Robert Farrell b. 1915 NY
    optional info: Bernard Farrell's 3 brothers = Daniel, George, John
    researcher: mcf
    email address: mcf35 AT
    DNA kit: 0636
    link to family tree:

  28. 1) John FARRELL ?b c Co.Leitrim, ?d Co. Leitrim, ?m Bridget Slattery, Co. Leitrim
    2) Peter FARRELL b 1877 Co.Leitrim d Nov 9 1896 New Haven, CT
    3) Patrick FARRELL b Co. Leitrim 1868 d December 5 1927 New Haven CT
    4) John FARRELL b Co Leitrim December 22 1865 d July 4 1936 New Haven CT m M April 22 1895 Mary Keegan New Haven CT
    5)Thomas FARRELL b July 14 1899 New Haven CT d December 26, 1972
    6)William FARRELL b May 27, 1961 New Haven CT d April 4 1983 New Haven CT
    7)Mary Farrell b November 25 1903 New Haven CT d March 4 1960 New Haven CT
    8)Catherine FARRELL b November 26 1904 d November 28 1904
    9) James FARRELL b March 14 1896 New Haven CT d November 10 1980 m Alice McLaughlin March 8 1930
    10)John Francis Farrell b August 17 1897 New Haven CT d December 26 1972 New Haven CT

    email address:
    DNA Kits: 2277
    Link to your online tree:myFTDNA - myFamilyTree

  29. Hello, my Dad was born to Stoe Farrell and Maude Norton perhaps in Gregg Co, Texas around 1914. His birth name was Willie Marion Farrell but at the age of around 15 months, his mother, Maude, gave him away to an unknown person. He ended up in McComb, Mississippi and was adopted by a family with the last name of Shea. He was then named Raymond Aloyisus Shea. He died in 2008 in Doyline, Louisiana and is buried in the cemetery there. He died never knowing his actual birthdate, birthdate, birth parents or family. He hired an attorney in the early 1970’s to try and find the answers to these unknown burning questions.
    Through Ancestry, I have discovered his birth family....James Monroe Farrell and his wife, Mary Ann Baker were married and in 1891, Mary gave birth to the last of several children, my grandfather, Stoe Farrell, in Bienville, Louisiana.
    I have many, many cousins and2 Uncles and 2 Aunts who are the only siblings of Dad who are still alive.
    Can anyone help me find my Dad’s birth mother, Maude Norton Farrell and/or where my grandmother, Mary Jane Baker Farrell, is buried?
    Thank you.

  30. (1) Patrick O'FARRELL b c1795 in or near Dartess/Dartries, Articlave, Co Derry, d c1835 Dartress/Dartries, Articlave Co Derry, m c1818 Margaret MacCALLION. Place of marriage unknown.

    (2) William FARRELL b c1820 Dartress/Dartries, Articlave, Co Derry, d 11 Apr 1892 Dartress/Dartries, Articlave, Co Derry, m c1847 Margaret FARRELL. Place of marriage unknown.

    (3) Edward FARRELL b c1848 Dartress/Dartries, Articlave, Co Derry, d 22 May 1890 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, m 30 Jan 1875 in Coleraine, Co Derry, to Mary Barber CRAIG N.B. Geoff and I are descended from Edward's 2nd wife, Elizabeth LYONS, who he married in Queensland.

    (4) Teresa FARRELL b 16 Aug 1889 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, d 16 Dec 1974 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, m 2 Oct 1912 in Brisbane to John HURLEY

    (5) Michael John HURLEY b 29 Dec 1913 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, d 31 Oct 2007 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, m 19 Oct 1940 in Brisbane to Esther Jean SCOTT

    (6) Four HURLEY children, including Geoffrey and Margaret who have dna tested with FTDNA and joined the Farrell Project.

    Researcher: MS
    Your email address:
    DNA Kits: The last 4 digits of our FTDNA kits nos. are 9513 (Marg) and 1862 (Geoff)
    Link to your online tree: (the tree is called Hurley Family Tree owned by argiemargie)

  31. 1) Horatio N. Ferrell b. 19 Feb 1800 Pennsylvania, d. 25 Oct 1857 Lewis, Cass, Iowa, m. Permelia Gordon 8 Apr 1828, Marion Co, Ohio
    2) James Bonaparte Ferrell b. 31 Jan 1829 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio d. 13 Dec 1902 Menifee, CA m. Sarah Elizabeth Herrick 10 Jun 1852, Bureau, Illinois
    3) Roy William Ferrell b. 24 Dec 1874 San Bernadino, CA, d. 12 Dec 1946 m. Minnie Alice Evans 11 Dec 1896, Riverside, CA
    4) Earl Roy Ferrell b.17 Dec 1899 Riverside, CA d. 26 Mar 1970 Los Angeles, CA m. Kathleen Marie Lind 6 Apr 1928, Long Beach, CA
    5) Robert Lamar Ferrell b. 1929 Compton, CA. m. Betty Marie Lundy 1950, California
    Researcher: TM
    DNA kits: 6116

  32. 1) ? Possibly Roger Ferrel b. ca. 1765, d. ?Bourbon, KY (living there in 1810)
    2) Ezekiel Ferrel b. abt. 1787 Virginia, d. 1854 ?Pike, MO, m. Elizabeth Wilson 5 Feb 1810 Bourbon, KY (m2. Anna Burch 7 Oct 1828 Pike, MO)
    3) Robert ?H Ferrel(l) b. abt. 1817 ?Bourbon, KY, d. 1858 ?Randolph, MO, m. Katherine Lightner 21 Mar 1839 Pike, MO
    4) Mary Amney Ferrell b. 23 Mar 1846 MO, d. 27 Apr 1911 Millerville, Erath, TX, m. James Silas Hukel 3 Nov 1865, Bates, MO
    5) Samuel Cass Hukel b. 27 Oct 1878, Butler, Bates, MO, d. 9 Nov 1962 Littlefield, Lamb, TX, m. Florence Dixie Pinkerton 26 Jun 1904 Portales, Roosevelt, NM
    6) Vera Amney Hukel b. 22 Oct 1906 Bethel, Roosevelt, NM, m. Thomas Blakeway 5 Aug 1929 Portales, Roosevelt, NM
    7) Joy Dean Blakeway m. Jimmy Velton Nisbett
    8) Living...
    9) Living...
    Researcher: Adam Nisbett
    FF DNA kits: 0205 (generation 7 sibling of Joy), 8978,5400, 4170, 9543, (generation 8, my father and his sisters), 9809 (myself - generation 9)
    Ancestry tree:

  33. Margaret Farrell (Ness). Lived in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Minnesota. Born November 1843 or 1845. Had a sisters Mary Jane and Julia. Brothers were William Henry and John.

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  35. 1) John J Farrell B 1830 • Sligo, Ireland, D 28 JAN 1896 • Carbondale, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania
    2)Thomas Farrell B JUN 1867 Hawley, Wayne County, Pennsylvania, D 6 JANUARY 1925 Carbondale, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania
    3) Thomas Coleman Farrell B 7 SEP 1899 • Carbondale, Pennsylvania, D 21 JUL 1940 Carbondale, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania,
    Researcher: MCF
    Your email address:
    DNA Kits: (0488)