How to Join the Project

There are two pathways to join the project, depending on whether or not you have already taken a DNA test. The starting point is the same:

1) Go to the FTDNA Project Home Page & click on the JOIN button to the right in the picture

2) In the pop-up window, simply sign in if you have tested already, or click on "Purchase a Test to Join this Project" if you have not yet tested.

For those who have already taken a DNA test

3) You will receive an email telling you that you have been added to the project. I will allocate you to the appropriate group within the project and will send you a welcome email summarising your results and advising of any appropriate next steps.

For those who have not yet taken a DNA test

New members can join the project by purchasing a Y-DNA-37 test (this is the basic test for surname research). This only works on males so if you are female you will have to get your father, brother or male cousin to take the test.  Only males have the Y chromosome. This is passed from father to son. It is not passed from father to daughter. This is the recommended test for new male members.

For new female members, the recommended test is the Family Finder (autosomal DNA, atDNA). This tests all your chromosomes and will help connect you with genetic cousins with whom you share a common ancestor on ANY of your ancestral lines (i.e. not just your Farrell ancestral line). Males can do this test too.

There is a discount of $20 off the usual price if you buy it through our project, and a further discount may be available if there happens to be a Sale on at the time of your purchase. This may bring the price down from $169 to $129  or lower (depending on the availability and extent of any "additional discount").

3) Click on "Order Now" for the Y-DNA-37 test (4th test down) if you are male, or the Family Finder test (8th test down) if you are female. Note that this screenshot features the Christmas Sale 2015.

4) For those ordering the Y-DNA-37 test, click on "male" beside "Select this testers gender" … and the "Proceed to Checkout" button will turn green. For those ordering the Family Finder test, click on the appropriate button for your gender, and the "Proceed to Checkout" button will turn green.

5) If you have a coupon code for a discount on the test, click on "Do you have a coupon?", enter the coupon code, and click Apply. The price will be reduced by the amount the coupon is worth.

6) Click on the green "Proceed to Checkout" button to complete your purchase.

7) Once your kit arrives, follow the instructions for swabbing the inside of your cheek. Click here to see a useful video on how to swab. You will collect 2 samples, one for each of the 2 plastic tubes. Do not eat for 1 hour before swabbing. Swab for 1 minute for each sample. Fill in the white Submission Form and the green Consent Form. Be sure to write your email address clearly (preferably twice - once in small letters, once in capital letters). Post it back to the lab in the envelope provided.

8) Once your sample has been received by the lab, you will receive an email with a password to your own personal webpage on the FTDNA website. This is where your results will be posted when they are ready.

9) Your test results should arrive 6-10 weeks later, but there is a lot you can do while you are waiting for them to arrive. Click here for instructions on how to set up your personal webpage in order to get the most out of your DNA results.

Forgotten your Password?

If you ever forget your password, simply click on "Forgot Your Password?" at the bottom of the Log In page and FTDNA will automatically generate a new one for you and email it to you in about 30 minutes. You can later change tit o whatever suits you.


  1. I have tried several times to join the Farrell DNA Project and my information would not "take". I have already been tested.

    1. Hi Richard, you need to be already logged in to FTDNA before the info will take. If that does not work, email me at and I will sort it out for you.

  2. I come back every couple months and give up trying to join..
    I have a dna link to My dad (John J. Farrell) dna, and his raw data,
    but only way I see to join is by paying for this kit?
    Have his line back to Patrick Farrell and Ann Donlon
    born abt 1796 in Killashee in Longford.
    Confirmed by letter from my fathers great aunt.
    Would like to contribut tree, but can't figure this site out.
    John W. Farrell

  3. Theres a problem with transferring Ancestry's DNA file into Family Tree DNA. You need to run your Ancestry DNA file through the tool at and then it will upload.


  4. Hi, I just entered through the female, does it help if my brother, not a direct descentant enters also? Funny, we have yet to find anyone with our surname in either Ancestry or under familytreedna....btw, he did have y-12 done years ago...

    1. Welcome, Nancy.
      Anyone is welcome to join, so please ask your brother to join the project too.
      Cheers, Maurice

  5. I am looking for info on John D Farrell born 1832 Rathdrum ,Wicklow Ireland. He was born to John F Farrell and Catherine Carroll or Connor. any help would be welcome

    1. Ask on the Farrell Clan Facebook page, Melanie. Someone may have the answer ...