Tuesday, 27 December 2016

R1b-GF8 ... a new genetic family with links to Niall of the Nine Hostages

Recently, the results of a new project member (LF-4319)* became available and as a result, two people have been moved out of the Ungrouped section and a new genetic family has been tentatively formed.

STR marker profile
Member LF-4319 is a 2/37 match to member CCF-1500, and he in turn is a 4/37 and 7/67 match to MJF-2356. Thus the first two members seem to be a reasonably close match but the third member is much more distantly related to the first two.

The 3 members in this new genetic family share several relatively unique marker values in common that distinguishes them from other groups in the project:
  • 390 is 25
  • 385 is 11-13
  • 392 is 14
  • 458 is 19
  • 464 is 15-16-16-17
  • 607 is 16
  • 413 is 21-23
  • 534 is 17
  • 481 is 25

Matches' Terminal SNP Analysis
Analysis of the terminal SNPs in the match list for each of these 3 members reveals the SNP markers detailed below. All of these SNP markers fall below the SNP marker M222 on the Tree of Mankind indicating that each of the members in this new genetic cluster will probably test positive for this SNP marker (with 99.9% probability). In fact, one of them already has (MJF-2356).

1. Member LF-4319 
  • has 9 matches at 37 markers (M222 x1 and FGC30690 x1)
  • has 158 at 25 markers, including ...
    • BY2720 x1 ... below M222
    • BY470 x9 ... below M222
    • DF105 x3 ... below M222
    • DF97 x2 ... below M222
    • FGC12183 x1 ... below M222
    • FGC30690 x1 ... below M222
    • FGC5939 x7 ... below M222
    • FGC8739 x2 ... ??
    • M173 x4 ... way upstream
    • M222 x15 
    • PF2028 x1 ... below M222
    • S7049 x1 ... below M222
2. Member CCF-1500 has 2 matches at both the 25 and 37 marker levels with one match at each level being M222+

3. Member MJF-2356 has 31 matches at the 111 marker level, including ...
  • A11360 x2 ... below M222
  • A1206 x1 ... below M222
  • A260 x1 ... below M222
  • BY3344 x1 ... below M222
  • BY470 x1 ... below M222
  • BY586 x1 ... below M222
  • DF105 x1 ... below M222
  • DF85 x1 ... below M222
  • FGC8739 x1 ... ??
  • M222 x4 ... below M222
  • S588 ... below M222
  • S7049 ... below M222

M222 is an upstream SNP marker (formed about 4300 years ago), typically associated with the Irish warlord, Niall of the Nine Hostages (NOTNH) who is the legendary progenitor of the Uí Néill (pronounced: ee nail) clan of north-west Ireland and lived around 370-450 A.D. (1) 

M222 has the following SNP Progression: 
R-P312/S116 > L21/S145 > DF13 > Z39589 > DF49/S474 > Z2980 > Z2976 > DF23 > Z2961 > M222

The M222 SNP Pack is recommended for all 3 members of this new genetic family to see on which downstream branch they sit. This can be ordered via FTDNA for $119 by clicking on the blue UPGRADE button on the home screen after logging in.

Also, these members should join the M222 Haplogroup Project which will be able to provide us with further support and advice.

Earliest Known Ancestors
Two of the members have a Most Distant Known Ancestor (MDKA) from Ireland and the third one has an MDKA from Wales. All members are encouraged to upload their Farrell pedigrees to the Pedigree page on this website.

Having performed the above analysis, I went back and reviewed members in the Ungrouped section, and one of them is M222+ (member PJF-1790). I compared his results with the others in the new group and decided that he probably belongs there too. He is a 5/37 match to MJF-2356, and a 8/37 and 9/37 match to the other two members. This suggests he is quite a distant match to others in the group and may not actually belong there, but if he also does the M222 SNP Pack this will help clarify the situation.

The new genetic family ... R1b-GF8

Maurice Gleeson
Dec 2016

* for added security, project members are now described by their initials and the last 4 digits of their kit numbers

(1) A Y-Chromosome Signature of Hegemony in Gaelic Ireland, Moore et al, Am J Hum Genet. 2006 Feb; 78(2): 334–338.