Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Current status update (video from Clan Gathering July 2018)

The Farrell Clan Gathering was held in Longford from 16th-20th July 2018 and on the Friday, I gave an update on the current status. You can watch this long presentation (almost 2 hours) on YouTube where it is in two parts:

Alternatively you can watch the videos embedded below. To see them in full screen view, you simply click on the video and then the square icon in the bottom right of the video.

The presentation contains the following sections and you can jump ahead to the relvant section by simply moving the red circle along to the appropriate position on the timeline at the bottom of the video:

  • The Farrell name in historical context ... 0:08:50
  • Overview of DNA for genealogy ... 0:21:15
  • Overview of the Farrell DNA Project ... 0:41:10
  • The DNA Results for each genetic group:
    • Results for Group 1 ... 1:01:00
    • Results for Group 2 ... 1:10:00
    • Results for Group 3 ... Part 2 - 0:09:05
    • Results for Group 4 ... Part 2 - 0:11:45
    • Results for Group 5 ... Part 2 - 0:19:15
    • Results for Group 6 ... Part 2 - 0:21:45
    • Results for Group 7 ... Part 2 - 0:24:10
    • Results for Group 8 ... Part 2 - 0:26:00
    • Results for Group 9 ... Part 2 - 0:27:05
    • Results for Group 10-15 ... Part 2 - 0:29:00

Maurice Gleeson
Oct 2018


  1. Wonderful Blog and videos are great ,so informative. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maurice,
      my name is Jordon Boehme and I live in australia.
      my mother is a Farrell from London,England. I have noticed that on my lines that I have both English and Irish Farrells.

      I have been informed by a researcher that majority of Farrells come from Friarstown,Ireland??? I have an ancestor from Sligo but no record of his parents and grandparents. I would love the chance to swap familytree(gedcom)with you. I have found out recently that there I a chance that the Irish Farrell's that Iam chasing have married into the O'Malley's.

      When you have the time could you please email me,

      my email is unclejay67@gmail.com.

      Thank you so very much for all your patience and hardwork. i have also watched the dna workshops on rootstech.org they are fantatsic.

      Jorodn Boehme